Control dust and keep yourself healthy

Dust is a very dangerous allergen, and it causes a wide range of illnesses to people in different walks of life. Dust is formed due to a variety of reasons, and is found everywhere ranging from your home, schools, offices, and most importantly on the roads and streets. Several people have dust allergy, which causes sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems, skin irritation, itching, rashes, and many such conditions. So, it is very important to control dust pollution and suppress dust, or else it may lead to severe conditions.

There are a wide range of products to suppress dust. Dust Control Chemical is specially made for the different applications and areas of use. There are different preparations available for haul road dust suppression, high traffic area dust suppression, stockpile dust suppression, airborne dust suppression, non traffic area dust suppression, and other such needs. Each of them has a different chemical composition to suit the need specified. If none of the available products match your requirement, you can avail the option to get yourself a custom made chemical composition to suit your specific requirement.

Airborne particles caused due to mining and other construction works are quite hazardous. For such needs, there is a special product designed especially to work for Fog Dust Control. It is called fog cannon, and it is capable to suppress about 95% of such particles which are airborne. They are available in different models, which have varied throw ranges. Based on the amount of dust, atmospheric conditions, and throw ranges, you can select a model to suit your requirement. They are available for sale as well as for rent. Generally, fog canons use water for suppression, but chemicals can also be added to it if you prefer. Addition of chemicals increases its performance and may also form a crust above the stockpiles.

From the fog cannon technology, developed a Water Evaporator. This is a very useful tool for wasteWater Evaporation. The idea of creating a mist and throwing this mist over a large area is made use of in this product. It has a very narrow nozzle, and when water is let out a high pressure through it, the size of the droplet decreases marginally. Air temperature, wind speed, spray coverage area, water droplet size and relative humidity are the key factors that affect the evaporation of water from the spray system. Even though the evaporation rates vary according to these factors, generally rates from 40% to 90% can be achieved. The evaporator is constructed using stainless steel, which will not get affected by coming in contact with water. It has a strong galvanized steel base to give the necessary rigidity to the structure.

Many companies on online has got the perfect place to look for an ultimate solution to all your requirements. All you have to do is check the website and order online, or contact the office directly. A product best suited to your needs and requirements will be provided to you.

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