Fatigue and dealing with it.


Fatigue and dealing with it.

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admin 12 November, 2009

For every person who lives with chronic pain, there are three things that always accompany, pain, fatigue and depression. Just so you know, when I mean fatigue, I really mean it. It is there always, just like my shadow. Everyone knows that holidays are the time when you especially deal with fatigue, for me it’s the same, just increased many times.
Don’t think I’m some kind of Mr. Scrooge, I could be called Mrs. Claus if you’d like to compare me to someone. There’s just a tiny detail. I don’t have the North Pole fairy dust that gives all that energy and happiness. And how about all of you? Do you have your supplies of fairy dust?
I think there is no point in trying to explain what is chronic fatigue to someone who doesn’t have it. People imagine we feel like after a day of hard work. Well, they should think again, because it’s much worse than that.
The thing I can think of to visualise the fatigue is like being dead. I feel completely out of energy. When I lie on the bed, I have no strength left, not even to lift my arms with a newspaper to read. Walking up the stairs I have to make breaks in the middle. I can’t just run up and down whenever I wish. Heck, running is a feat I can only dream of. Speaking and moving at the same time is also out of the question. It makes breathing harder. I can do only one thing at a time. I understand that I should do all with small steps and it will be easier after some time. It’s just really hard for me. I just need to adjust to my body and take it all a little slower.
There have been some annoying things lately. Our old porch is full of dry rot. It has to be replaced with a new one. The contractor should have came in August, but came late November instead. The workmen show up at random times, it really gets on my nerves. They irritate our two little terriers, so when they come and start working I have a whole range of sounds. Barking, hammering and sawing makes most of my good humor fade away in an instant. If that was just not enough, the dishwasher broke down a week ago, the dryer lasted till Christmas Eve. Other than such problems, it’s just the usual things after Christmas, cleaning all the messes and such. During Christmas we overfed one of our dogs with leftovers. I think we’ll never learn not to give scraps from the table to our dogs. Now it has taken vengeance on us, and we had to put the dog into a bathtub to prevent a real disaster.
I am sure that you too have had many things going on during the holidays. Cherish your memories, rest from all the work you had to do. Remember that you don’t have to clean all things immediately, it can wait a bit. Take your time doing things. It isn’t necessary to vaccum day after Christmas. Kitchen can be a bit messy, just put the leftovers into the freezer, leave the rest and regain your strength.

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