Cancer Treamtment – Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer.

Doctors and experts alike feel that for the majority of breast cancer cases, chemotherapy isn’t always the best treatment choice. For the women it is right for, chemotherapy is capable of providing results that are both long term and effective. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to aid in fighting off cancer. The pharmacology industry […]

Top 13 Cell Phone Health Risks That We Should Not Neglect

Cell phones are so popular today that everyone seems to have at least one, from grandmothers to kids. They have become “can’t-live-without” electronic gadget, as they enable us to make calls at any time we want. Their prices are dropping and dropping, especially when we buy from wholesale electronics ( suppliers. However, these universal gadgets […]

Treatment of Cancer: Chemotherapy

There are several factors to consider in determining the best treatment of cancer for any given patient. Age, family history, location of the cancerous tissue, whether or not the cancer is isolated to a single area, lifecycle of the disease and more can aid physicians in presenting the most effective treatments. One of the more […]

Mammography For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer – Uses and Risks

Mammography is a specialized breast imaging using low dose x-ray to screen the breasts for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. The process is to produce mammograms that are pictures of inside of the breasts. Mammograms can be categorized into digital mammography, computer-aided detection and breast tomosynthesis according to the technology involved. Digital mammography […]

Fight Female Problems With Herbal Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle has been recommended by herbalists for female problems, headaches, and fevers for years. The Quinault tribe of Native Americans used the whole plant, steeped, to provide birth control. Monks in Europe, on the other hand, used blessed thistle as a treatment for smallpox. Blessed thistle leaves, stems, and flowers have been used traditionally […]

Colon Cleanse Detox: An Honest Review Of The Detox Colon Cleanse Supplement

Have you heard or tried the colon cleanse detox supplement? If you have, you must have known by now that the detox colon cleanse supplement is perhaps the most powerful colon cleanser in the world. If you have yet to try the detox version of the colon cleansing supplement, it’s time you read this article […]

Healthy Diet & The Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and covers its entire outer surface. The area of the skin is typically around 25 square feet in the average person and the total weight of the skin is 25 pounds. The skin protects the internal organs from infectious agents; it also helps to regulate the […]

Prostate Cancer Worries That Men Don't Want To Admit To

If you have prostate cancer, or are concerned about getting it, or if you’re looking out for the health of someone you love, this article can help. In most men, it grows very slowly: most men will never know they have the condition. The most common cancer in American men, except for skin cancer, is […]

Herpes Vs HPV

Copyright (c) 2012 Love, H Style There are several strains of the Herpes virus. The two most common strains are known as HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) and HSV-2 (Genital Herpes). You can have Oral Herpes (HSV-1) on the lips, which is most often called fever blisters, or cold sores. Oral Herpes is transmitted from person-to-person by […]

Breastfeed and Reduce Breast Cancer Risk – For You and Your Baby

Are you concerned about breast cancer? Most women are. It doesn’t help that women seem to be getting breast cancer at younger ages. The recent news of Christina Applegate’s cancer has many younger women scared. If you’re breastfeeding, then you can be assured that you’re doing something positive to cut your risk for developing one […]