Top 13 Cell Phone Health Risks That We Should Not Neglect

Cell phones are so popular today that everyone seems to have at least one, from grandmothers to kids. They have become “can’t-live-without” electronic gadget, as they enable us to make calls at any time we want. Their prices are dropping and dropping, especially when we buy from wholesale electronics ( suppliers. However, these universal gadgets pose a big menace to our health.

Why cell phones possibly cause health problem to human body?

No mobile phones don’t emit radiofrequency (RF) energy (radio waves). Our human brain is easily influenced by such radiation. According to study, people who are frequent users of these electronics gadgets ( are more likely to have higher risk to suffer from tumor, malignant gliomas, or neuromas, even though these health risks are invisible at present. Cell phone radiation could:

Cause damage to our nerves in the scalp.
Add pressure to our endocrine system. Pancreas, testes, ovaries, and thyroid in such system are more easily to be hurt than others.
Influence digestive function and make cholesterol levels raise abnormally.
Form blood-brain barrier to toxins as well as viruses.
Produce histamine in mast cells, thus result high risk of asthma.
Result mental confusion and memory loss.
Make blood cells leak hemoglobin.
Make users easily feel headaches and tired.
Generate tremors, muscle spasms and joint pain.
Make our skin have burning sensation and rash when use the gadgets for a long time continuously.
Change our brains’ electrical activity whilst we sleep.
Cause deduction of the number and efficiency of our white blood cells.
Cause eye cancer, retina damage and cataracts.

Some of us mistakenly think that if we buy cell phones from brand chain stores or big famous malls, we could buy the phone that emit less radiation. In fact, no matter where we buy our phones, for example, ( wholesale cell phones ( sellers or brand phone stores, we couldn’t reduce such radiation as much as we want now, as present technology still can’t achieve such purpose.

All of the mentioned health risks possibly cause tremendous damage to our health in the future. What we should do to reduce the damage to the least degree is to reduce the frequency to use mobile phones.

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