Prevent Lung Cancer Before It Gets You!

Do you think that there is a smoker anywhere that hasn’t been told how dangerous smoking is? Media campaigns continue to highlight the dangers so it’s almost impossible to ignore the problem. If you haven’t taken any notice of these messages it’s because you want to ignore them. I should think by now we all know that lung cancer, in the majority of cases is caused by smoking and not just to those people over 65 years of age or those with a genetic disposition.

Most people think that just one cigarette won’t hurt them but they obviously are unaware that one cigarette won’t leave your lungs completely for a month. If one cigarette can do that, just think how much harm a pack of 20 will do to you. Sitting on the fence at this late stage is not going to help especially wit the overwhelming evidence so perhaps it’s worth considering some recent information. There is no excuse not to keep informed nowadays especially with all the resources there are to help you. Prevention is always better than cure and no-one can say that they weren’t given enough information nowadays to help stop a condition that is preventable. There are some medical conditions that once highlighted the individual will take appropriate action but this isn’t generally the case with smoking.

Despite all the warnings, it is only when something serious happens to them that some smokers take notice and start taking heed of the warnings. If current articles on lung cancer won’t do the trick, maybe respiratory problems will. I saw something once though that stopped me in my tracks; a person smoking a cigarette through a hole in their throat. Some people just never know when to quit, but you have to be pretty self destructive to continue after having cancer of the throat.

You cannot go on explaining things away and ignore the proof that smoking seriously damages your health. Documented evidence and articles on lung cancer are full of conditions that have been caused or made increasingly worse by smoking. We need to work toward a smoke-free environment, because all the rest of us are being assaulted by the second-hand stuff. All too often people have the intention to quit but something disastrous happens and they are forced to, but by then it may be too late to make any difference.

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