Mirena- Get Relieved of Unwanted Pregnancy!

Mirena is a type of intrauterine device (IUD) which comes with progestrone. Now progesterone is a kind of long acting but reversible contraceptive hormone. The device is T shaped prepared of polyethylene and carries a reservoir containing levonorgesterol of about 52 mg. Of all the different methods and measures of birth control, this device is considered the most effective.

Since December 2006, Mirena has been in the market as one of the innovative methods of birth control. The device needs to be inserted by medical professionals to help prevent pregnancy. The mechanism followed is one of its kinds. The device delivers around 20 mcg of hormone a day. Moreover, the device functions about 5 years or so.

Reports suggest that the IUD is found to be highly effective as well as beneficial in several respects. This device shows effects very quickly and is found to be completely reversible within a few months of usage. It is believed that the IUD minimizes the risk of the pelvic inflammatory disease and endometrial cancer and ensures relief from dysmenorrheal and is generally used by women those with peri menopausal problems. Additionally, the device does not interfere with breast feeding and even minimizes the uterine fibroids.

To insert Mirena IUD, it is significant to consult with the well trained health practitioner. A medical expert can tell you whether a woman can opt for it after conducting the required health check ups. It’s a well known fact that certain side effects have been reported with the use of the device. Most of the side effects disappear within the four months of the insertion. However, certain safety information is essential to follow before you use the device for minimizing the chances of getting affected from the negative effects.

If a woman is suffering from cancer or having pelvic infection, it will be advised not to insert the device. You must also provide your medical history to your doctor. Tell your doctor or health care expert if you have congenital heart condition, high blood pressure, ectopic pregnancy before you insert the device.

In order to buy Mirena, you can contact a recognized online drug store or pharmacy. There are many stores one that are selling the FDA approved drugs or medications at cost effective price.

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