Popular Tattoos Lettering Styles

importance of selecting the right styles for tattoos lettering
Emphasized can not be enough as they are crucial for expressing
yourself in the right manner.
for example the tattoo that graces the left rib of Swedish football /
soccer hotshot Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Which was inked in classical style
and lettering denotes the following phrase, “Only God Can Judge Me”.
Truly a great statement and brought to an Equally great effect all due to the appropriate use of lettering style.

for a second, would such powerful statement produces the right impact
if it were using unsuitable Conceived lettering styles such as grunge,
bone or even block?
I believe it would have Significantly reduced the “oomph” factor of the tattoo and giving it a rather peculiar appearance. Tattoos are not just a matter of flaunting stylish body art or a way of garnering attention. It’s about having a means by Which to express ideas, experiences, and beliefs that you hold very dear to your heart. Many famous names and celebrities letterings and express themselves through images of tattoo art. Here
is a list of popular styles for tattoos lettering that graces the body
of many famous names today and how you can source them at the comfort
of your own home.

Letterings Latin – Latin is Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Tattoo
lovers all over the globe decorate their bodies with Latin words in
order to express themselves in an exotic kind of way.
star David Beckham had the following phrase inked into his skin in
Latin words, “Et Ut Amem Foveam” which translates to “So that I love
and cherish”.
feel that such sentimental phrase befits the beauty of the Latin
language and the effect would have been indifferent if the tattoo was
engraved using other types of lettering style.

– In my opinion, Arabic letters can make for terrific ideas
mainly tattoo Because they evoke a Certain Kind of exotic quality and a
worthy inclusion Thereby popular among lettering styles for tattoos.
lot of famous people are permanently stamped with them such as The
aforementioned Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has a tattoo of his last name
stamped in Arabic script.
Heck, even Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt, has a tattoo of Arabic characters on the lower portion of his back.

– Japanese Kanji symbols are very stylized and full of
expression, hence they are highly sought after and have permanently
adorn on many celebrities including the likes of WWE pro wrestler Dave
Batista, and popular American singer, Pink.

letterings –
Well known folks that have Chinese script tattooed onto
their bodies include Kiefer Sutherland, Tyrese Gibson, and Sarah
Michelle Gellar.
letterings are highly Regarded by many tattoo enthusiasts Simply
Because they are creative, expressive and cool looking too!
There’s no denying it, Chinese characters are absolutely popular and will remain so for a very long time.

truly ‘unique’ and great looking designs to go along with the
above-mentioned lettering styles for tattoos can be a painfully
trudging experience.
highly recommend that you look for them online via tattoo art databases
instead of the traditional tattoo shops or websites that offers
cookie-cutter designs.

Pipe Bomb Magazine – В» Bad Boys and Bombshells

What did you grow up wanting to be?
A zoologist.
When did you know that this is what you wanted to do for a living?
Jr. College. I was a music major but I switched to art because learning all those keys and scales didn’t interest me. I wanted to start creating and have a little more freedom right away. I was still playing in a punk band though right up until 3 years ago. Music is still a very important part of my life.
What is your definition of “good art”?
I’m really not one to judge. If someone can feel something while looking at a painting then it’s good.
What is your artistic process, from concept to actual finished painting?
I’ll do really rough sketches on whatever paper is laying around or in my sketchbook. Then I’ll do a tighter sketch and then scan it into the computer to enlarge it to the size I’ll be painting it at. I have to tile it on the bigger paintings. I transfer it onto wood or canvas that’s been prepped with gesso. After I transfer it I’ll lay a wash of sienna or umber. Then I‘ll begin to paint from background to foreground usually.
Can you explain how you developed your style of painting?
I love watching old cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Disney. In school I always loved telling a story in my work so it became par of my style.
Who and what influences the way you paint and also the subject material?
I love dramatic lighting. I guess that’s why I’m drawn to Edward Hopper. Jan Van Eyck,, and Peter Bruegel are a few other artists I admire.
Many of your pieces can be found darkly humorous.
Along with the humor is there a deeper commentary on society? No. I just like telling a story about the good, the bad,. and the ugly. That would make a great name for a movie wouldn’t it?
The “bad boy” image is inherent in a lot of your pieces. Can you explain that fascination?
I played in a punk band here in the South Bay (L.A. not northern California) for 10 years. I was exposed to some very interesting
characters. Some were friends and some were not. They’d get in fights, steal stuff, do drugs. It’s funny because you kind of look
up to these people when you’re young and stupid but once you mature you realize it’s not funny anymore.
Along with the “bad boy” image it seems tobacco is a running theme in your pieces. In a society that is just
beginning to see the unhealthy effects and look down upon smoking, how do you defend it in your art?

It’s funny because I hate smoking. I loathe it. But it’s the human element that it brings to the painting. sometimes. I’m starting to not do it as much, especially with my child like characters. And these anti-smoking advocates should really start visiting art school because it’s a breeding ground for smoking. How does popular culture play into your art?
I watch a lot of movies so it has some play. I also read James Ellroy and other Crime/Noir novels. I’ve said this a million time but I like the darker side of human nature.
What do YOU think the people’s attractions to your paintings are?
I think they like the dark humor.
There is definitely a kind of punk aesthetic to your pieces. How much of music is influential in your art?
As I said before it had a big influence. There’s very interesting people in punk rock and just music in general.
What are your thoughts on the state of art and illustration today?
I think it’s a great time. Tons of fresh talent out there. The only complaint would be on the business end, mostly illustrators. They need to be better informed on protecting their work. Also getting paid what they deserve. I teach at Otis College and most of the illustration graduates are jumping into projects where they aren’t getting paid fairly. Doing an entire children’s book for $1000. That’s a crime.
“Cigar Break” is beautifully executed and really does have a Disney artist look to it. Could you perhaps give a few thoughts on that specific painting?
Pinocchio was my favorite Disney movie when I was little. I love the look of it. I originally wanted to go
into layout/background painting for an animation studio when I graduated but decided to freelance instead. So when Gallery 1988
got permission to do a tribute to Disney show I jumped all over it. I had a blast painting that piece.
How long does it take to finish a painting?
A head painting will take about a day and half where something like the Disney painting took 2 weeks.
How much time do you spend in the studio?
8 to 12 hours a day.
How do you measure success?
By making a living doing something you love.
Will being a father change how you look at doing painting?
I’m sure it will. Once he starts to ask questions about my subject matter. He may also influence me. I think Picasso said something about every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist when they get older.
What does the future hold for Bob Dob?
I have a vinyl toy coming out with Strange Co
Where and how can people get a hold of your new book?
” There is a Deluxe edition that comes with a hard cover book, a limited edition print, and a limited edition Gelaskin for the video iPod. You can get that on my site at “


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RevitaLash vs RapidLash – Which Eyelash Enhancers Work Best ?

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Eyelash growth product is a solution that has been scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. This is a product for people who were not born with perfect lashes or who have thinning eyebrows. It promotes healthy and fuller-looking lashes and brows, while stimulating the follicle cells in order to promote new hair growth. .

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