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Do painkillers really stop the pain or does it produce more adrenaline?

okay im trying to find some science fair projects i really want to win this comming january i want to do someting medical related or something that beneficial to science so do pain killers sto the pain or produce more adrenaline so we wont feel it? btw can you also give me some WINNING science fair project topics or ideas? PLZ and THANK YHU it would mean the world to me ^-^

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Is Ultram (Tramadol) Addictive?

Is Ultram (tramadol) addictive? Thank You.

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In Japan how do you treat a UTI? there is no cranbery juice and the doctors only prescribe painkillers?

My girlfriend has a UTI right now but we:re living in Japan and for whatever reason the doctors have been unable to help her. Does anyone know if there is anything you can buy at the pharmacy or grocery store that at the very least can ease the pain?

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What pills can I take together to either OD or at least have to be taken to a hospital?

I Have Percocet, Ativan, soma,ultram, Wellbutrin, and other over-the-counter medication.
I am a quadriplegic and I do not have any thing to live for. I can not do anything for myself. I am completely dependent on everyone else and I don’t want to be that way.

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Do I need a prescription for painkillers?

I recently had an accident and I have a very swollen injured arm and chest.
I have been taking 800 mg. of ibuprofen. These are single pills available by prescription. I am now out of this medication. I have a bottle of regular ibuprofen – 200 mg. If I take 4 of these, is this the same as the prescription medication?
I can do the math. Should be the same. But is it?

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Will Ultram (Tramadol) help ease Lortab withdrawals? Thank You.?

Will Ultram (Tramadol) help ease Lortab withdrawals? Thank You.

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  • Do painkillers really stop the pain or does it produce more adrenaline?
  • Is Ultram (Tramadol) Addictive?
  • In Japan how do you treat a UTI? there is no cranbery juice and the doctors only prescribe painkillers?
  • What pills can I take together to either OD or at least have to be taken to a hospital?
  • Do I need a prescription for painkillers?
  • Will Ultram (Tramadol) help ease Lortab withdrawals? Thank You.?
  • How do you know if you’re getting addicted to painkillers??
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  • Ultram question…?
  • Does long term use of painkillers(vermidon) have any bad affects on health?
  • Is Ultram an Opiate? I mean, it can’t make you high, right??
  • How much do painkillers go for on the streets? (for my psych paper, really)?
  • I am 30 wks pregnant and have been prescribed ultram throughout my whole pregnancy by my o.b. is my baby safe?

Fatigue and dealing with it.


Fatigue and dealing with it.

Posted by
admin 12 November, 2009

For every person who lives with chronic pain, there are three things that always accompany, pain, fatigue and depression. Just so you know, when I mean fatigue, I really mean it. It is there always, just like my shadow. Everyone knows that holidays are the time when you especially deal with fatigue, for me it’s the same, just increased many times.
Don’t think I’m some kind of Mr. Scrooge, I could be called Mrs. Claus if you’d like to compare me to someone. There’s just a tiny detail. I don’t have the North Pole fairy dust that gives all that energy and happiness. And how about all of you? Do you have your supplies of fairy dust?
I think there is no point in trying to explain what is chronic fatigue to someone who doesn’t have it. People imagine we feel like after a day of hard work. Well, they should think again, because it’s much worse than that.
The thing I can think of to visualise the fatigue is like being dead. I feel completely out of energy. When I lie on the bed, I have no strength left, not even to lift my arms with a newspaper to read. Walking up the stairs I have to make breaks in the middle. I can’t just run up and down whenever I wish. Heck, running is a feat I can only dream of. Speaking and moving at the same time is also out of the question. It makes breathing harder. I can do only one thing at a time. I understand that I should do all with small steps and it will be easier after some time. It’s just really hard for me. I just need to adjust to my body and take it all a little slower.
There have been some annoying things lately. Our old porch is full of dry rot. It has to be replaced with a new one. The contractor should have came in August, but came late November instead. The workmen show up at random times, it really gets on my nerves. They irritate our two little terriers, so when they come and start working I have a whole range of sounds. Barking, hammering and sawing makes most of my good humor fade away in an instant. If that was just not enough, the dishwasher broke down a week ago, the dryer lasted till Christmas Eve. Other than such problems, it’s just the usual things after Christmas, cleaning all the messes and such. During Christmas we overfed one of our dogs with leftovers. I think we’ll never learn not to give scraps from the table to our dogs. Now it has taken vengeance on us, and we had to put the dog into a bathtub to prevent a real disaster.
I am sure that you too have had many things going on during the holidays. Cherish your memories, rest from all the work you had to do. Remember that you don’t have to clean all things immediately, it can wait a bit. Take your time doing things. It isn’t necessary to vaccum day after Christmas. Kitchen can be a bit messy, just put the leftovers into the freezer, leave the rest and regain your strength.

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Life with Chronic Pain Blog
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Management workshops I’ve done countless of my professional life for a variety of clients and continue to ask questions during the workshop is: “how do I manage my manager”? I hear comments like: “My manager had to attend workshops,” or “I need a shop manager is bad.” Unfortunately, participants who said the comments were not […]

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Leader is the most important factor for any business. So it is very important to have a good management leads. So for every company and every thing is important to maintain the proper lead management system. In addition, there is a need to keep your clients organized and details of the sale. So it is […]

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UCS B-series Fault Code F0184, F0317: DIMM errors


Fault Code:F0184 DIMM [DIMM location] on server [chassisId]/[slotId] operability: degraded

May be accompanied with fault:

Fault Code:F0317 Server [chassisId]/[slotId] (service profile: [service_profile_name]) health: inoperable

If these are the only 2 faults on a server, F0317 is triggered by F0184 and they are related to same issue. If there are additional faults other than F0184, F0317 can be triggered by any one of the existing faults.


Fault code F0184 is typically tied to the referenced DIMM module experiencing single-bit or multi-bit correctable or uncorrectable errors

After identifying the affected server and DIMM from the fault (ex: server 3/1, DIMM E2), the steps

below should be taken to zero out DIMM error counters and clear related faults from UCSM GUI

1. From the Equipment tab, expand Chassis -> Chassis 3 -> Server 1

2. On right hand side window, select Inventory tab -> Memory tab 

3. Locate the affected DIMM (ex: DIMM E2) and double click it to open a pop-up window for that DIMM

4. Select Statistics tab -> Errors tab to view error counters and document the errors listed

5. Select General tab and click Reset Memory Errors under the Actions box. Go back to the error counters and confirm everything shows 0s (it may take a minute for the counters to update). Click OK to close the window.

6. From the same screen you selected Inventory in step 2 , click on SEL Logs tab and look for entries similar to below:

2c | 03/06/2014 14:05:36 | CIMC | Memory DDR3_P2_E2_ECC #0x26 | | read 8 correctable ECC errors on Dimm 41 | Asserted 2d | 03/06/2014 21:27:06 | CIMC | Memory DDR3_P2_E2_ECC #0x26 | | read 20 correctable ECC errors on Dimm 41 | Asserted

7. Click the Clear button at the bottom of the screen to clear the SEL log

8. Click the Faults tab to verify if DIMM fault (F0184) cleared. If the F0184 fault cleared and the only remaining fault is F0317, this fault can be acknowledged and manually cleared by resetting the server’s


a. From the Equipment tab, expand Chassis -> Chassis 3 -> Server 1

b. From the General tab on right hand side window, click Recover Server under the Actions box

c. Click the bullet next to Reset CIMC (Server Controller) and click OK. This process resets the management controller and does NOT impact production traffic.

9. Verify all faults have cleared and monitor for faults to return

If F0184 and/or F0317 faults return, check the DIMM error counters to verify if new errors have incremented. Also check the SEL log for entries similar to the example in step 6. If there are new errors, the affected DIMM and it’s partner DIMM (ex: DIMM E1 and E2) should be replaced.

To verify new DIMM errors from chassis logs:

1. Open the chassis log bundle and look for an archive called CIMC#_TechSupport.tar.gz where # is the server ID (ex: for server 1 it would be CIMC1_TechSupport.tar.gz).

2. Open the var folder -> open log folder -> open sel folder and open the log file in a text editor

3. Open the Find feature in the text editor and search for Memory for entries similar to below: #

2C 00 02 00 C7 18 53 20 00 00 0C 26 7E 08 00 29 2c | 03/06/2014 19:05:36 | CIMC | Memory DDR3_P2_E2_ECC #0x26 | | read 8 correctable ECC errors on Dimm 41 | Asserted

4. If new entries for memory errors are seen after the above steps were taken, the affected DIMM and it’s partner DIMM should be replaced. In this example it would be DIMM E1 and E2.


UCSM will mark a DIMM as degraded operability when there are ECC correctable or uncorrectable single-bit and multi-bit errors

Generating Chassis Technical Support Files via UCSM GUI

1. Login to the UCSM GUI.

2. In the navigation pane, click the Admin tab.

3. Right-Click TechSupport Files from the navigation pane and select Create and Download a Tech Support File from the drop-down list.

4. The Create and Download a Tech Support File dialog box will display.

5. In the Path field, enter the full path to the location where the the technical support files will be saved or use the Browse function to navigate to it. This must be locally accessible.

6. In the Options section, select the chassis radio button and enter the Chassis ID to generate the technical support files for a specific chassis and download them to the previously entered location.

Generating UCSM Technical Support Files via UCSM GUI

1. Login to the UCSM GUI.

2. In the navigation pane, click the Admin tab.

3. Right-Click TechSupport Files from the navigation pane and select Create and Download a Tech Support File from the drop-down list.

4. The Create and Download a Tech Support File dialog box will display.

5. In the Path field, enter the full path to the location where the the technical support files will be saved or use the Browse function to navigate to it. This must be locally accessible.

6. In the Options section, select the ucsm radio button and download them to the previously entered location.

Getting the SN of a Cisco UCS component

1. Login to the UCSM GUI.

2. In the left pane click the Equipment tab.

3. Navigate to the component.

4. Get the SN of the component from the right pane under the General tab.

Newmediaworkshop – stove top coffee maker

newmediaworkshop – Stove Top Coffee Maker

Monday, September 13th, 2010 at
1:20 am  

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    :: lpg part 2::

    Raalte November 28th 2005 (THE ATTIC CHAMBER)
    November is almost over, and it’s cold again… Here I sit reading this piece over and over again (just to make sure most
    zpellingh-miztaiks are out of this story) I realize that I didn’t write about the music, their album, artwork or lyrics. I merely try to
    write down my findings during some occasions I was near the band some way or the other. I find it’s more a background
    story about a sober band from Holland who are eager to play as much as they can. They only have 1 goal, be good, better,
    best!! So…..if anyone who reads this feels the sudden urge to listen to the music they make, GO BUY AN ALBUM!!! Or read
    the first interview on

    Clip presentation October 6th  2005 (PNEUMONIA AND A HERNIA)
    I was invited to the video presentation of their second single, Belly Rollercoaster. On October 6th, the only way to get into the
    ‘club’ was taking a huge barrier, rope jumping! Almost risked a hernia, poor back of mine. My girlfriend, of course feminine,
    had no problems at all with this backbreaking entrance. Finally inside the crowd was packed in a small room, with bald walls.
    One of the lead singers was hanging around nervously rolling up cigs, trying to look confident to the people he was talking to.
    He told me the other singer had pneumonia. It wasn’t possible to do the show as planned originally. The best reason to
    show up was the fact that 2 contenders were selected by LPG to make some sort of a video for their latest single. And they
    were finally showing their products to the crowd. We were amazed by the results.

    Of course in any situation, no clip is the same, therefore the choice was quite simple to me. The first clip was about a woman,
    who suffered of severe spasm… She kept crawling around a cubicle with a few cameras in it. At least she had nice white teeth
    and she kept flashing them at the audience.

    The second clip however looked quite interesting… The band playing in a room with all sorts of couples, mother-daughter,
    lovers, old people, they were all in an erupting state of joy. Unfortunately this clip wasn’t finished at the time of the
    presentation due to technical difficulties..It was promising though… It also explains why we had to get acrobatic at the

    The aftershow contained 3 band members, in an attempt to please the crowd with an acoustic set. It was a pity that some
    people only seemed to be interested in the cheap beer instead of the beautiful songs performed that night. With mixed
    feelings we turned home, enthusiastic about the second clip, less charmed with the crowd who didn’t seem to have the best
    interests of the band..

    Ukien, October 22 2005 (MOZART WITH DREADLOCKS)
    Yay! Finally time for me to see the first real gig live! As always I was accompanied by my girlfriend on a road trip to Kampen.
    LPG  was to perform live there in some sort of alternative youth club. The audience alone could be a brilliant reason to go
    there, I must admit I was a little surprised seeing a dreadlocked rocker playing Mozart on a piano in the bar next to the stage!

    After peeking at the first act (Cool Genius), I gave Arend Jan a copy of the last cd of the Presidents of the USA, which he gladly
    accepted. I wished them all the luck they could get for their performance…When the show started you could see that the boys
    really felt like kicking ass on stage, even though there were only about 80 people to enjoy it. As the show continued, dripping
    with sweat, they played their songs with an attitude as if they were conquering the world. Well, at least they were conquering
    some of the population of the small city of Kampen, including me. They could easily rock the Royal Albert Hall if they got a
    chance to! They ended the show a capella, in the front of the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar, performing the multi
    vocal song ‘Speech’. Cheers aloud, they rocked Kampen, filled my head with the songs they played and we promised to meet
    sometime soon to have some sort of decent chat.

    The Basement, November 12th 2005 (YOUNG, AMBITIOUS AND KICKING)
    It was cold, very cold… as we agreed to meet at 2pm. I was there a little bit earlier, ringing their doorbell (like Jack  White).   
    Finally I was noticed (after giving the manager a call if the boys would be so kind to get out of their practice room for just a tiny
    moment), Arend Jan picked me up, with the characteristic roll-up in his hand. He led me to the place where all their creativity
    bursts out of the North of Holland, the basement. Tall as I am, my physique adjusted to the low ceiling… It could have been so
    much better! If only I could sit behind the drum kit, alas, the second tallest person in the basement at that time (Chistiaan)
    was already on his spot!

    It was a pity that the keyboard player wasn’t able to practice, he had other obligations that day. As I set down on a small couch
    the other band members continued practicing for their upcoming tour with a well known singer-songwriter in Holland, called
    Spinvis. As I glanced around the basement it was nice to see that all the walls were covered with posters, drawing they band
    have made themselves and all sorts of slogans. I noticed a nonstop enthusiastic atmosphere; humor and dedication when
    performing and practicing their set list. If only my back would stop hurting….

    After observing them for about 2 hours we went to the kitchen for a decent cup of coffee, along with some Drentse
    Kruidenkoek (dutch cake). The guys were filled with dreams about the tour, about their new CD, and also about their record
    label Excelsior.  Gerald and Anne told me they found it a soothing idea for not being with a major record label. Yet. They feel
    they have the time and chance to work one step at a time. Their label also keeps their foot on the brakes They appreciate that,
    they want to grow as a band, want their fame to rise, but certainly not at all costs and with the Speed of Sound. They don’t
    make music to become instant celebrities. They just like to make music and it’s fun if you can get something else out of it.

    I was also wondering about something I read on the internet concerning another Dutch Band called Gem. The story is as
    follows: They have a big hit in Holland. The song is also heard with a commercial of a well known Job Agency. It turned out
    that that particular song wasn’t written by Gem at all, but by an advertising agency. Someone asked AJ his opinion about that
    issue. AJ told the reporter that he wasn’t fond of not writing your own songs. He was a little misunderstood. They (press) let it
    seem as if LPG were a little rancorous.

    During my interview he spoke of no envy at all, he was quite happy for them: “They make the kind of music that instantly
    buzzes between your ears, we don’t. We’d love to do a song for a commercial, except we would like to see it is one of our own
    songs. Then again, if we had chance like Gem, we’d have a go to!” As the matter of fact, during my presence, AJ called with
    the lead singer of Gem to ask where they get their shirts printed. Talking about envy…What’s all the fuss about?!?

    We also talked about the second video of the presentation, I was wondering when we could see it on national television. I
    was surprised when I heard it wasn’t ready at all. As the matter of fact, they had to re-record some scenes, because it was
    technically impossible to finish it in a short while. We’ll just see how it’ll turn out to be. If it’s ready it might just be put on SSS.
    So you can judge for yourself.

    All though they do have a few new songs for a new album (2 left on contract) they are concentrating more on the upcoming
    tour with Spinvis. Before their first album set foot in Holland, they did about 15 shows. Small gigs not included. After the
    album was released they were asked to go on tour with Zita Zwoon. Up till now they have done about 80 shows this year.
    They also believe that touring makes them better, calmer and more self-confident.  We can only hope that they will come to
    London sometime to kick out the jam for SSS. See how cool, relaxed and self assured they will be. With Spinvis as their
    support act maybe?


    Soma massage

    Andrea Gaddis, LMT